Creative Constipation

For me, blogging has become that older relative that you need to go and visit but keep putting off, the longer you leave it the harder it gets, and then it reaches that stage where you’re too embarrassed to even show your face. And that’s where things are getting to with me right now. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Life appears to have rudely interrupted my blogging. A day seems to have turned into a few more, into a week, into a month (hopefully not more), without me having noticed. Perhaps I’ll just blame it on the books I’m reading – not feeling strongly enough about them to tell you guys. I’ve given myself until Friday to get back on the Blogging Train. Choo choo.



Writing 102

Writing can be a bit of a b*tch sometimes. You experience writer’s block, buy little books that promise to have your writing juices flowing in no time, optimistically try a couple of the exercises, get bored, and before you know it the books are gathering dust on your bedroom floor or you start using them as a barrier between your laptop and your now burning thighs. So since I’m fresh out of ideas, I thought I’d give you some general tips. You’re welcome.